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Lead in Our Water

Chicago has a lead problem.  Learn more to read about how we got to this point, filtration options, and requesting a testing kit. 

Water Department repairs by Bart Heird/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Transparent Property Taxes

Property taxes in Lakeview have been increasing for years, but we still don't know how we are assessed and if the system is fair. 



Nothing changes in our community unless we vote. Everyone should be registered at their current address and vote in every election.  


TIFs in Lakeview

When discussing city budgets or school funding in Chicago, tax increment financing plays a large role. Learn more about the TIF districts in Lakeview. 


Storefront Vacancy

When walking around Lakeview, many notice the number of empty storefronts on our busiest streets. Learn more about retail vacancy across Chicago and the possible reasons behind empty storefronts.